Explorations MHS


The mission of Explorations Mental Health Services is to provide a safe, supportive, therapeutic environment within an educational setting.  The program strives to meet the adolescent’s individual and emotional needs while maintaining them within the community.

The purpose of the program is to provide a family-focused, community-based alternative for adolescents with chronic or acute mental disorders who require active treatment. The aim of the program is to focus on stabilizing the patient’s emotional functioning so that they learn acceptable behavior in order to transition back to the least restrictive environment.  The program focuses on the psychological, cognitive, physical, and socio-cultural development of adolescents. The program involves an interagency collaboration of all child serving agencies – mental health, education, children and youth services, drug and alcohol, juvenile justice, health care, and vocational rehabilitation.

A Message from the ExplorationsMHS Board of Directors

During recent weeks we have witnessed the repugnant effects of racism and have had to accept the truth that racial injustice is systemic in our society. It is our responsibility to ensure that racism, in all its forms, does not take root in our ExplorationsMHS community. We must make it known that hate and racism will not be tolerated in our organization and community. We must view the recent events as an opportunity to learn, an opportunity to unify, an opportunity to affirm our values, and ultimately an opportunity to become a stronger and better organization and community. If you witness incidents or behavior that reeks of racism, do not remain silent, rather speak out and condemn these actions.  We must stand together and work together to defeat racism.  Respecting individual differences is the cornerstone on which ExplorationsMHS is built. It is imperative that our employees demonstrate the values of respect, charity, and compassion so that we will forever be defined as a community that values and respects all individuals.