Referrals for ExplorationsPHP services are accepted from parents/self-placement, school personnel, inpatient hospitals, medical professionals, courts and Magellan Behavioral Health Services.

All children/adolescents referred for services are scheduled for intake and psychiatric evaluation for admission in a timely manner and the results of the assessment and evaluation that lead to an admission or denial to the program are communicated to the family and referral source as quickly as possible.


All requests for an intake evaluation will be scheduled within the following timeframe:

  • Routine calls – scheduled within 5 business days
  • Urgent calls – scheduled within 24 hours
  • Emergency calls – scheduled within 1 hour where possible or routed to the closest emergency room for immediate evaluation

To refer a student or to schedule an intake evaluation, please contact Dr. Brittany Lourea-Waddell at 610-635-2417-office, 484-680-9875-cell or via email at