Explorations BHRS | Behavioral Health Rehabilitative Services

Explorations BHRS (Behavioral Health Rehabilitative Services) are home, community, and/or school-based services, which are utilized to address the increasingly complex needs of children. We assist clients in increasing socially competent behaviors that will maximize their potential, facilitate independence and self-advocacy, and promote healthy functional relationships.

Explorations BHRS provides services to clients via behavioral health rehabilitative services (BHRS). Our staff are highly motivated and dedicated professionals with extensive experience in autism and other developmental disorders. BHRS may include services provided by:
• Mobile Therapy (MT)
• Behavior Specialist Consultant (BSC)
• Therapeutic Staff Support (TSS)
• Case Manager (CM)

Treatment and specialized programming are designed based on the client’s individual needs and is provided in the client’s home, school, or community setting using a team approach, which includes parents, clinical staff, community supports and educators.

Dependent upon the funding source,
Explorations BHRS offers several types of services to meet the client’s individual needs. For example:
• Behavior Modification
• Functional Behavioral Assessments
• School Consultation
• Specific ABA Modalities depending upon on the client’s individual needs and funding source

Unique and creative services can be provided if they are medically necessary and clinically justifiable.