For Educators

Linkage to Education

Explorations staff value collaboration with school district staff to ensure a student’s success, both in treatment and for re-entry into his or her regular school setting. Through a strong partnership with educators and parents, the adolescent determines the most appropriate strategies and alternative behaviors for managing his or her feelings, impulses, and actions.

The Explorations team works in cooperation with the education system in the following ways:

  • Ongoing communication is established on a daily basis between the Explorations Mental Health Counselor and district school teacher regarding the student’s behavior, academic performance, and staff/peer interactions.
  • The teacher(s) are invited to participate as a member of the treatment team to provide educationally relevant information and insight into the student’s areas of growth and needs.
  • School District representatives are invited to the treatment team meetings.
  • The Mental Health Counselor schedules group and individual sessions in consideration of the student’s academic needs and program.
  • The ExplorationsPHP staff works in conjunction with the individual classroom behavior management system.  Additional contracts  may be developed to meet individual student needs.
  • ExplorationsPHP staff will explain and enforce the ExplorationPHP’s discipline policies.
  • The Mental Health Counselor schedules times to observe the student within the least restrictive environment.