For Parents

Parent Support & Advocacy

Parent support and advocacy is a critical component to the success of an adolescent. As a member of the treatment team, parents collaborate with the Explorations staff to ensure that appropriate individualized goals are developed. Family involvement also ensures continuity of care – skills learned in the program are carried over into school and home life, enabling the adolescent to establish lifelong learning and gain control over his/her life. Within the ExplorationsPHP Partial Hospitalization Program, support and advocacy includes, but is not limited to the following: consistent telephone and/or written contact, assistance with the filing for Medical Assistance, Family Support Group, parent or family meetings, referral to community agencies, meetings with agencies, and other services which are found to be appropriate by the Treatment Team.

Family Support Group: The Family Support Group meets once a month to allow parents and professionals to work together to maximize the potential for growth in the adolescent. Each support group will have an informational/training component and a time for sharing and support. The basic premise of the training component is to assist parents in providing generalization of skills that are taught at the ExplorationsPHP Partial Hospitalization Program to the home setting.

Mental Health Counselor: The Explorations Mental Health Counselor is responsible for frequent discussion with parents related to  therapeutic progress, notification of team meetings, referral(s) to community support systems, parent/family meetings, and other supports as appropriate to meet individual adolescent and family need(s).  The Mental Health Counselor will discuss the parent’s contacts and needs with the treatment team in order for individualized program decisions to be made. Progress notes are made on a daily basis.