Confidentiality/Consumer Bill of Rights


Confidential information about you in the program or any details of your treatment plan may not be revealed to anyone outside of this program without written consent.  There are exceptions in certain restricted situations, which will be explained in detail if necessary.  We will strive to protect your privacy.

Consumer Bill of Rights

As a consumer within the ExplorationsPHP Partial Hospitalization Program, you have the right to:

  • Receive treatment in the least restrictive environment within the educational community.
  • Provide consent for treatment and include parents in therapy issues.
  • Sign release of information forms prior to the releasing of confidential information.
  • Be treated with appropriate treatment methods that provide for the best possible care, welfare, safety, and security for all involved.
  • Review and take part in the development of your individual treatment plan.
  • Be an informed member of the team and participate in discussions and decisions related to medication and treatment.
  • Have a licensed psychiatrist available for questions and treatment consultation.
  • Express concerns to staff related to treatment and have your concerns acted upon in a timely manner.
  • Be discharged upon completion of your treatment goals or upon request.