What is ExplorationsPHP?

ExplorationsPHP partial hospitalization program is a sub-acute program for children and adolescents with chronic or acute mental disorders who require active treatment. The community-based program operates with a maximum of 30 students for a 10 to 20 week anticipated length of stay. The program focuses on stabilizing the student’s emotions and teaching acceptable behavior in order to transition back to the least restrictive environment with appropriate services in place.

The program is housed in an alternative school, providing an opportunity for students to receive behavioral health treatment in a school setting. It serves as a transition into a less restrictive school setting before the student returns to their home school district.

ExplorationsPHP has a minimum of three hours per day of behavioral health treatment and up to two hours per day of education based on the individual needs of the student. The program strives to equip each student with the skills needed to succeed at home, in school and in the community.

Therapeutic Services

  • Individual therapy
  • Treatment planning
  • Psychiatric evaluations and medication monitoring
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy approach
  • Group therapy
  • Family therapy and family support group
  • Social skills and anger management
  • Behavior management system

Educational Services

  • Modified curriculum for individualized educational plans (IEP)
  • Pennsylvania state standards requirements
  • Special areas (gym, etc.)